Indígena Imports specializes in the finest hand-woven traditional Maya textiles - all individually produced and previously worn. Our objective is to collect, conserve, exhibit, and sell the best examples available. We believe that we have the highest quality and most comprehensive commercial collection in the world outside of Guatemala. We buy at least 500 carefully chosen pieces per year. We have high quality examples of virtually all categories of traditional Maya textiles (huipils, tzutes, etc) in every village style, daily and ceremonial, women's, men's and children's. We believe that Maya traditional textiles are the among the most vibrant and sophisticated folk art traditions among the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

On many occasions over the past decade, we have conducted "trunk shows" to benefit non-profit organizations involved in Maya cultural preservation or related issues. We have arranged such sales for each of the past four years at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe and at the San Antonio Museum of Art. We have also participated in sales to benefit Casa Marianella, a refugee center in Austin, the St. Michael's Guatemala Project in Tucson and the Esperanza Peace Center in San Antonio. This year, we will conduct benefits for the Denver Justice and Peace Coalition and the Corpus Christi Instituto de Cultura Hispanica. We have also organized benefits for victims of mudslides in Santiago Atitlán. We are very experienced in giving lectures and slide shows concerning Maya textiles in conjunction with these sales.

We are interested in buying small private collections of fine Maya textiles. But please be advised that everything we buy is for resale.

- David & Sally Hamilton